Susan Rhodes Counselling in Fulham

Professional Qualifications
BA (Hons) Humanistic Counselling Practice (University of Nottingham)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Professional Bodies
BACP Registered Member 048007

Continued Professional Development:
Areas of Specialism
Trauma; Childhood related Trauma; Domestic Violence; Dissociation

Personal Approach
Humanistic; Person Centred; Relational; Short Term Brief Focused Therapy; Integrated into a tailored approach to meet client at the time of need.


Client SS
"You have helped me more than anyone else ever has before or since and I’ll be forever grateful. My time with you allowed me to move on and make very positive changes in my life and things have turned around for me enormously and I can’t thank you enough for setting me on the right path towards healing and acceptance that’s allowed the space to open in my life for these wonderful things to come."

"You gave me the support and space I needed to work through everything that was going on. I am glad you allowed me to explore what I wanted to explore and I always felt it was going at my pace and helping me in a holistic way. "

Client AB
"Thank you for helping me to feel brave and strong again whereas before I just felt fear and guilt. You helped put my world back into perspective so I could discover how strong I really am."

Client CF
"The moment I met susan as my counsellor I felt a immediate bond and a feeling of warmth from her. During my 18 months of counseling with her not only did I get her support, understanding and commitment in working through my issues but her knowledge and professionalism was of true value. Her positive attitude and caring nature helped me overcome deep demons & obstacles which I had faced. Her believe in me kept me going and my times spend with her were invaluable. I have made so much progress since I had my sessions with Susan and it's impacted very significantly on my life very positively."

Supervisor 1 JC
"Susan works hard to establish relationships at depth across a wide range of clients. One of her strengths is to meet clients where they are with warmth and congruence. She places the relationship at the core of her work and looks to build from that. Susan demonstrates a great integrity in her work and considers her responses and interactions with her clients in depth. Susan is willing to engage fully with her clients and works with honesty and openness, which clients respond to. She is willing to ‘see’ and work with all that clients present and has a patience and discipline in her work."

Supervisor 2 YV
"I have known Susan Rhodes in my capacity as her clinical supervisor for her therapeutic practice with very vulnerable clients, over the past 3 years. Susan has attended to all her supervision requirements, she has demonstrated a very high level of integrity, openness and honesty within her work, she is able to challenge warmly and be challenged herself. She is very aware of the vicarious trauma associated within the works she undertakes and manages her own processes well in supervision. Susan has an unaffected directness that is an asset to her practice; she is committed to best practice and copes well under pressure. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susan to you. She is extremely loyal, and holds a passion for helping vulnerable women gain control of their lives. "

Supervisor 3 LR
"I have always found Susan to be caring, empathic and understanding with the highest level
of personal integrity and exceptional people skills. She is excellent at building relationships both with staff and other volunteers, but also most importantly with a wide variety of clients from all different backgrounds. She is very down to earth, whilst also having excellent knowledge and skills. She understands the importance of boundaries with this client group and I have always found her to be aware of safeguarding and ethical concerns. Susan was always willing to bring challenging topics to supervision."

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